Srpska arheologija / Serbian Archaeology


European Convention on the Protection
of the Archaeological Heritage (Revised)
(ETS no. 143)



Open for signature by the member States of the Council of Europe and the other States party to the European Cultural Convention, in Valetta, on 16 January 1992.

Entry into force: 25 May 1995.

Summary of the treaty

This revised Convention updates the provisions of a previous Convention (ETS No. 66) adopted by the Council of Europe in 1969.

The new text makes the conservation and enhancement of the archaeological heritage one of the goals of urban and regional planning policies. It is concerned in particular with arrangements to be made for co-operation among archeologists and town and regional planners in order to ensure optimum conservation of archaeological heritage.

The Convention sets guidelines for the funding of excavation and research work and publication of research findings. It also deals with public access, in particular to archaeological sites, and educational actions to be undertaken to develop public awareness of the value of the archaeological heritage.

Finally, the Convention constitutes an institutional framework for pan-European co-operation on the archaeological heritage, entailing a systematic exchange of experience and experts among the various States. The Committee responsible for monitoring the application of the Convention assumes the role of strengthening and co-ordinating archaeological heritage policies in Europe.

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